Authentic and Inventive Indian Food in School Meals

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There is an art to introducing universally popular Indian flavours to school meals and plenty of scope to be authentic and inventive says Stuart Brown, AiP’s Group Innovation & Product Development Manager.

Veg Curry

Indian cuisine has become a mainstay of the British palate and dining experience so features in all our menus across all age groups.

We devise recipes to cater for all tastes on the spicy spectrum and allow our managers and cooks to use their experience to adjust the recipe to suit the tastes of their own students.  This way we also keep to nutritional values and comply with the School Food Plan.

The wonderful thing about Indian and Indian Sub-Continent food is that there are a lot of vegetarian options. Our menus may include sweet potato and chickpea korma within primary schools, a spiced dhal or pea and potato samosa with secondary schools.

As a Birmingham-based company we are aware of the challenges feeding ethnic food to an ethnic community.  By researching, trying and testing our recipes, we like to think that we do justice to Birmingham’s Balti heritage.

One thing we are conscious of is making sure that the food is as healthy as possible.  We don’t use ghee in recipes, thus keeping the fat content to a minimum.  We also use low fat yoghurt where we can.

As with all food, we follow new ideas and like to set trends.  Street food has been at the forefront of popular eating culture and we offer Indian inspired Grab and Go and hot deli items such as Chicken Tikka salad sandwich or a Tandoori chicken flatbread with minted yoghurt.