The Benefits of Online Payment Systems

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From keeping the lunch line moving, to preventing food wastage and making parents’ lives easier, technology in school catering is of tremendous value says Paul Rogers, AiP’s Managing Director.

Most school catering departments are now moving to online payments systems as they offer a number of benefits. Parents can control daily spend as well as keep an eye on what their children have eaten. The stigma of free school meals is also much reduced.

Online ordering speeds up the whole process for caterers, from reducing queuing times to cutting down on admin. In primary schools, if parents can pre-order meals there’s no need to count out the dinner money so there’s less fuss at the till.  Plus, faster service is better for schools with lots of students or those with a short lunch break and several sittings.

Caterers are also able to manage wastage far better as they know exactly what has been ordered in advance.

It makes it easier for caterers to manage allergens when schools opt for online payments as they are able to identify in advance those students with dietary requirements.